Born in New Jersey, Jakob spent most of his time growing up running around and pretending to be Indiana Jones, The Sundance Kid and Bo Jackson. At the age of 11, He was introduced to skiing which profoundly changed his life. After drudging through his formative years in suburbia (where he learned carpentry from his father), Jakob began gallivanting at Marist College, spending much of his time on the road traveling New England for alpine ski races. After graduation, he moved to NYC where he would spend 12 years working as an actor, handyman and ski coach. Eventually, Jakob decided to ditch the skyscrapers and take his act on the road. Landing in Bozeman, Montana, he spent several years ski bumming (both teaching and drinking - at the prestigious private ski resort Yellowstone Club, and shredding pow and drinking - at the equally prestigious gnarly locals mountain Bridger Bowl). Eventually, he met a girl, they fell in love and moved to sunny Los Angeles, California where he currently resides - doing much of the same stuff he used to do - road tripping, skiing, carpentry, poorly surfing, eating fantastic Thai food, wrenching on his motorcycle, etc. You get the idea. 


  • He has been known to jump out of perfectly good airplanes
  • He has been deported from a foreign country
  • Occasionally, he does a very good "mouth flugelhorn" version of Chuck Mangione's classic hit "Feels So Good"
  • In 6th Grade, he achieved Perfect Attendance (which even his mother was dismayed about this feat). 
  • At the age of 26, He found out he had cracked his L4 and L5 vertebrae a decade earlier while playing high school football. 
  • Dressing as Catwoman for Halloween in middle school, he made quite a stir.
  • He has been to 43 of the 50 US states and the District of Columbia.
  • He wrestled a Grizzly bear to the death with bare hands. (That's actually a lie)